Why we teach Art at Longford Church of England Primary School:

In Art, every child will be given the opportunity to develop confidence, enjoyment and the ability to express themselves creatively. Children will be encouraged to share and celebrate their successes, talents and experiences.

Acquire experience of different art forms both cultural and historic, evaluating these so that they can confidently express their opinions in a supportive environment which encourages open exchange of ideas and individual taste.

Through a creative curriculum, children will embark on a journey which will inspire and provide them with the skills and knowledge to identify any creative and artistic challenges they may face in the future.

To develop and use materials and techniques effectively so that they may apply these when creating their own original work for pleasure, well-being or for commercial purposes.

The children will leave with an abundance of enjoyable memories and diverse creative experiences.

Key Learning





Identify in works of art cultural or historical influences and have opinions about these in the context of today’s world.

Identify in works of art what they find pleasing.



Analyse works of art to identify techniques, materials and effects in order that informs personal opinions and may inspire personal creation.  

Use knowledge of different art and skills taught to express their own ideas in works of art.

Reflect on work created and identify what they find pleasing and effective and how work could be further improved.


Knowledge Progression