Writing & SPAG

Proud Writers!

Editing in Y5/6

Why we teach English at Longford Church of England Primary School:

We believe that through communication which includes, speaking and listening, reading and writing pupils develop their power of imagination, inventiveness and awareness of the world. By helping them to gain a secure understanding of English, we are empowering our pupils to communicate effectively and imaginatively, allowing them to engage with others in school and the wider society.

Our intention is to support pupils to become lifelong readers who have enquiring minds and are confident, independent learners.

 ‘Once you learn to read, you will be forever free’

Frederick Douglass

Key Learning:






Speaking and Listening

·       Curiosity about language.

·       Rhyming.

·       Likes and dislikes therefore forming an opinion.

·       Opportunities for experience of live or recorded drama.

What makes a good speaker and listener?

·       Intonation

·       Tone of voice

·       Eye contact

·       Opportunities for drama and role play.

·       Using new vocabulary in context.

·       Opportunities to perform to an audience.

·       Reflecting on your performance and that of others.

Reading and Writing

·       Read and listen to a wide variety of quality text in different genres.

·       Identify the rich vocabulary used and the effect it has on a reader.

·       Define the meaning of new vocabulary and analyse how authors use words to create effect.

·       Form personal opinions about text and take inspiration from the authors techniques.

·       Use knowledge of different authors to write in similar styles.

·       To write in different genres for different purposes.

·       To use new vocabulary from reading in own writing.

·       Proof reading

·       Editing and redrafting

·       Using precise vocabulary.

Writing (including SPAG) Progression