Modern Foreign Languages

Why we teach Modern Foreign Languages at Longford Church of England Primary School:

To develop a love of languages through the delivery and participation of an interactive, practical and engaging curriculum to inspire pupils to want to learn further languages later on in their education and lives for pleasure.

To acquire the knowledge and vocabulary required in a different language to build the foundations to have the ability and confidence needed to communicate across different countries independently.

To appreciate and learn about different cultures to inspire pupil’s curiosity to explore the world and give them the drive to want to travel, study or work in other countries.

Pupils will learn to communicate in a variety of ways effectively to give them an insight and analyse different cultures and values. Pupils will develop a curiosity and understanding of the wider world.

Key Learning





Identify and enjoy different aspects of different cultures- e.g. food types.


The desire to explore other countries.


Appreciation of other people’s life styles/values...








Analysing different cultures that go on to inspire travel.


Analysing different methods of communication fit for purpose.


To analyse what is being spoken in a different language to be able to respond appropriately. 

Use knowledge and skills of vocabulary to effectively communicate in a different language with confidence.


To use oral and written methods of communication.


To be able to listen to other and respond effectively.

Reflect on ability to effectively communicate and recall of learnt vocabulary.


Use skills and vocabulary learnt to develop fluency over time.


Reflect on different cultures around the world and how they will inspire your lifestyle with regards to life style, work choices, holidays, food etc.