Why we teach Science at Longford Church of England Primary School:

Science is a spark of wonder that ignites curiosity that takes us on a journey of discovery.

Science at Embark primary schools should promote and nurture curiosity and wonder. Children are encouraged to generate their own questions as well as the approaches to finding the answers. Learners are encouraged to make mistakes on the path to discovery. Practical investigations create opportunities to develop enquiring minds in search of answers.

By following the footsteps of scientists from the past, children will learn how to make their own impact in the future.

Children develop respect for the natural world and our position in it, recognising that science impacts all aspects of our lives.



Impact & Understanding


What do I want to find out?

What do I think will happen?

Where do I need to look?

Why is it important to find out?

What do I need to help me answer my questions?

I will use my senses

I will explore

I will get things wrong

I will learn from my mistakes

I will test fairly

I will make meaningful observations

I will argue

I will listen

I will respect the views of others

I will explain

What do my findings tell me?

What do I know now that I didn’t know before?

What do I still need to find out?

How will I find out more?

Where can I find similar evidence?

Where can I find contrasting evidence?

How do I feel about my findings?

We are very small in the bigger picture

Where does my new and existing knowledge fit in?

What can I do with my new knowledge?

Can I make a difference?

How valuable is my knowledge?

How do I share my knowledge?

Knowledge Progression