Administering Medicine

Children with temporary or recurring medical or mental health needs are valued as full and participating members of our school community. We understand the importance of medication being taken as prescribed. 

If a child has a temporary medical need, and requires medication to be administered at school, then a Parental Agreement for Longford to Administer Medicine form needs to be completed.

Before any medication is accepted by the school, the parent/carer must either email or bring along a completed form to the office.

Once the administration of the medication has been agreed, the medication must be brought in to the office. 

This school understands the importance of medication being taken as prescribed, therefore:

  • Medicine can only be administered in school if it is unreasonable for it to be given at home. 
  • The medicine must be prescribed for the child by their doctor and be in its original container with the chemist’s label showing name of child, dosage, frequency, method of administration, date of issue and expiry date.

Non-prescribed medicines are not administered in school.